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Posted by BC Baseball Coaches on Jun 21 2016 at 06:32PM PDT

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Pre-Workout Supplements
Are Pre-Workout Supplements Dangerous?

Have you found yourself overwhelmed or intimidated when circling the aisles of a supplement store? Every week, a new product comes out claiming to solve all of your weight lifting and body weight challenges. The latest trend in the supplement world is the growth of pre-workout supplements, but are you getting your money’s worth or are you being scammed by the supplement industry?
The primary purpose of a pre-workout supplement is to be consumed prior to a workout with the intent to give you more energy during your workout. Companies use marketing strategies to entice athletes, cross-fitters, and weekend warriors to use their products claiming they can experience everything from, “more energy, a greater muscle pump, enhanced strength, increased testosterone, explosive workouts, faster absorption, and increased muscle size.” The majority of pre-workout supplements on the market do not contain ingredients that would assist an athlete with improving strength, power, and muscular endurance, especially if taking the recommended dosage by the company.

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The most intimidating part of a pre-workout supplement is the dietary facts panel. The most common method for keeping the formula of a pre-workout supplement a secret is by creating a “Proprietary Blend”. This is when they combine a variety of ingredients together into one big formula. When companies use a proprietary blend, this basically means they don’t want you to know the real formula or ingredient profile because it’s not effective. The majority of companies are spending $3-4 to make their product and are turning around and selling them for $39.99-$59.99.
Informed Choice, a 3rd party testing and certification company, reports 25% of protein powders have tested positive for anabolic steroids. Furthermore, the supplement store staff should be your biggest concern when it comes to product safety as the majority of those working in stores are not familiar with the science behind the ingredients nor how to determine if a product has been 3rd party tested for banned substances. In March, a high school coach and athletic trainer found 3 of their football players being sold a Prohormone from a local supplement store.
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